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The main aim of this formulary is to promote safe, evidence-based, cost-effective prescribing. The content is over seen by the Drug and Therapeutics Committee which is made up of clinicians and pharmacists from both primary and secondary care.

Limiting the range of medicines included in the formulary and promoting the use of generic medicines where appropriate:-

  • Enhances safety through familiarity with the medicines in use in the hospital by all staff involved in the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines.
  • Ensures efficient use of NHS resources.
  • Ensures efficient use of limited storage space both within the hospital pharmacies and on the wards, enhances good stock control and reduces the pharmacy stock holding. 

The abbreviations used in the Formulary to reflect the cost per months treatment (unless stated otherwise) for each medication is described below:

£ 0-5
££ 5-50
£££ 50-100
££££ 100-500
£££££ 500+


Use the search tool to find medicine of interest, alternatively browse by BNF chapter using the 'Chapters' tab located at the top of this page.

Please note that this formulary website is currently under construction and is updated regularly, please email any comments using the 'Feedback' tab located at the top of this page, all feedback is welcomed. 

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