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Development of the formulary
The formulary has been drawn up following full and wide consultation with consultant medical staff, senior pharmacists and other interested parties and has been approved by Drug And Therapeutics Committee Group meetings.

How should the formulary be used?
Formulary drugs, including the range of approved preparations for each drug, are listed according to the BNF classification system. Unlicensed drugs and preparations approved for use in the hospital are included in the most relevant section.

First, second, and occasionally third line drugs are indicated where appropriate. First line drugs should be used unless there is a contraindication; the patient has suffered an adverse effect, or has not responded to the first line drug.

The formulary is not intended to replace the BNF which will need to be referred to for information on licensed indications, contraindications, cautions, side-effects, interactions and dosage etc.

All listed ('formulary') drugs will be readily available from the hospital Pharmacy Department. Use of other drugs is discouraged however it is recognised that it is often desirable to continue to treat patients admitted to hospital with other drugs.

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