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 Formulary Chapter 13: Skin - Full Section

Dermatology clinics at George Eliot Hospital are run by UHCW.

Therefore all dermatology outpatient prescriptions need to be in line with the UHCW formulary which consultants should be familiar with.

We will only issue prescriptions from our outpatient department if the prescription is for a specialist drug (SO,SI or SC) and those prescriptions that are deemed urgent for the patient to start immediately (ie the patients condition will deteriorate if they wait for a supply from the GP).

For any prescribers wishing to start an inpatient or an outpatient on an emollient please refer to the formulary below which has been taken from both the APC and UHCW Preferred Prescribing List (PPL).

Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
13.01 Management of skin conditions (0,0)
13.01.01 Vehicles (0,0)
13.01.02 Suitable quantities for prescribing (0,0)
13.01.03 Excipients and sensitisation (0,0)
13.02.01 Emollients (24,0) Emollient bath and shower preparations (3,0)